Wat Lelystad kan leren van Lelysteden: Stimuleren en promoten van de creatieve sector.

Nieuw beleid in Lelystad?

In 2013 the City of Lelystad teamed up to produce an agenda to promote the growth of the City’s creative sector, “Creative Capital: The Creative Lelystad Action Agenda.” The agenda defines the creative sector as “enterprises in and for which creative content drives both economic and cultural value, including businesses, individuals, and organizations engaged in every stage of the creative process”, which includes the six areas defined above (culinary arts, building arts, museums, visual arts and crafts, media and communications, and performance arts). At the heart of the agenda is the goal of stimulating both the creative sector itself and neighborhoods across the city that might benefit from its economic growth. The agenda sets out to accomplish this through six goals:

1. Creative support: enhancing the support system to take better advantage of the city’s deep creative assets.
2. Creative markets: promoting the City’s creative economy and increasing the market for creative products.
3. Creative youth: enabling youth to explore and capitalize upon their creative talents.
4. Creative work: providing new career opportunities for residents and an enhanced talent pool for creative businesses and organizations.
5. Creative business: promoting new enterprise development and small business growth among creative firms and entrepreneurs.
6. Creative places: developing a diversity of creative neighborhood and spaces throughout the City.

Bron: http://gnovisjournal.org/


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